We saw in the User Guide Communication section that you can change which messages are sent, and at which rate. We will see in this section how you can define and send your own messages.

Define a new message

By default, PprzLink default message definition is used. You can find it in sw/ext/pprzlink/message_definitions/v1.0/messages.xml. To add your own messages, you first need to copy this file in your conf directory.

Add your message in that file on the model of the other messages. Make sure to add it in the appropriate message class (telemetry, datalink, ground, …), and make sure to use a free name and a free id within this class. This id being encoded on a uin8_t, it must be comprise between 1 and 255 (0 is reserved). As you can see, there are not much left in the telemetry class…


The ids are uniq within the class but the names are uniq in the whole file: you can’t have two messages with the same name, even if they are in different classes.

Re-build paparazzi with make at the root directory. your message should now be present in the var/messages.xml file.

Send a telemetry message

If you defined a new telemetry message, you now want the drone to send it. You can either send it manually from a module or use the Paparazzi periodic telemetry.


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