Radio files must be in the conf/radio/ directory, and have this syntax:

<radio name="My own FrSky X9D" data_min="900" data_max="2100" sync_min ="5000" sync_max ="15000" pulse_type="POSITIVE">
    <channel function="ROLL"     min="987" neutral="1503" max="2011" average="0"/>
    <channel function="PITCH"    min="987" neutral="1451" max="2011" average="0" reverse="1"/>
    <channel function="YAW"      min="990" neutral="1500" max="2011" average="0"/>
    <channel function="THROTTLE" min="998" neutral="998" max="2011" average="0"/>
    <channel function="MODE"    min="987" neutral="1500" max="2011" average="1"/>


The attributes data_min, data_max, sync_min, sync_max are used only for receivers with PPM output. They must however be present otherwise the configuration will not build. Go to for more details.

Set your telemetry to receive PPM messages (ppm mode for rotorcrafts, and Debug FBW mode for fixedwings) and watch this message. Set the channels in this file in the same order than those received in the PPM message, and move the RC sticks to set correctly the min, max, and neutral values. Make sure that min < max.

If the channel needs to be reversed, add the attribute reverse="1".

Channels can be averaged by using the attribute average="1".