More on the Paparazzi Center

The Paparazzi Center is configured by two files : the aircrafts configuration file and the control panel file.

These files are located at conf/conf.xml and conf/control_panel.xml. To make configuration easier, these files are often symbolic links to actual files, usually located in conf/userconf/.


conf.xml contains the configuration of each aircrafts:

  • Name

  • Id

  • airframe

  • flight plan

  • radio

  • telemetry

  • settings

  • GUI color

To hold you personnal confs, create a new file with this simple content in conf/userconf/, and use the configuration utility to use it in Paparazzi :



The Tools in the Paparazzi Center come from the conf/tools directory. Each xml file produce a new entry in the Tools menu. You can add you own tools by creating a new xml file in this directory, and restarting the Paparazzi Center.

There are many tools that you will probably never use. You can remove these from the menu by adding their name to the blacklisted file.

Sessions & Control panel

control_panel.xml contains the sessions. A session is a set of programs with arguments.

To define a new session, go to Session->New and give it a name. Start all the programs you want, with their correct arguments, then Session->Save.


This file used to hold the programs accessible in the Tools menu. This is now only supported for backward compatibility