This module is an example module for the course AE4317 Autonomous Flight of Micro Air Vehicles at the TU Delft. This module is used in combination with a color filter (cv_detect_color_object) and the guided mode of the autopilot. The avoidance strategy is to simply count the total number of orange pixels. When above a certain percentage threshold, (given by color_count_frac) we assume that there is an obstacle and we turn. The color filter settings are set using the cv_detect_color_object. This module can run multiple filters simultaneously so you have to define which filter to use with the ORANGE_AVOIDER_VISUAL_DETECTION_ID setting. This module differs from the simpler orange_avoider.xml in that this is flown in guided mode. This flight mode is less dependent on a global positioning estimate as with the navigation mode. This module can be used with a simple speed estimate rather than a global position. Here we also need to use our onboard sensors to stay inside of the cyberzoo and not collide with the nets. For this we employ a simple color detector, similar to the orange poles but for green to detect the floor. When the total amount of green drops below a given threshold (given by floor_count_frac) we assume we are near the edge of the zoo and turn around. The color detection is done by the cv_detect_color_object module, use the FLOOR_VISUAL_DETECTION_ID setting to define which filter to use.







which VISUAL_DETECTION message to recieve for orange pole detection.



which VISUAL_DETECTION message to recieve for floor detection.


  • cv_detect_color_object