Digital Photo Camera Triggering (using a UART link) This module controls triggering of an attached external digital camera via UART commands. This module fullfills 4 functions: 1) send shoot commands over UART 2) Besides triggering the shooting of images, the module also sends attitude and other relevant data. Typically an external linux camera or linux computer will receive the attitude and position data and add it to the photos. 3) The module will also parse the replies received over the UART. This contains status but can also contain computer vision results to able to interact with the flightplan. 4) Finally, the module will also relay over telemetry all data it receives from the attached computer or camera using the PAYLOAD message. This can for instance be used to downlink thumbnails. The linux program used to parse the UART command is given in the subdirectory.


  • digital_cam_common


  • digital_cam_gpio
  • digital_cam_servo
  • digital_cam_i2c
  • digital_cam_pprzlink